Hello! I’m Hazal from Turkey who decided to hack the life and travel as a backpacker. For this purpose, I sold all my belongings, left my flat and said goodbye to my friends and my family. I bought one way ticket to Buenos Aires where my journey will begin and hit the road alone.

Why am I doing this?

Because I believe that we cannot develop ourselves without getting out of our comfort zone. We should see the world, break our rules, open our minds. Sitting in a table everyday doesn’t make us more creative or productive. It makes us blind, so we cannot see the beautiful things, and we cannot get inspiration from World. We should know each other, we should feel new airs, we should touch to other souls and build new things as a free person.

With my love of freedom, I believe that I should move to another environment to meet you, to get something from you. After that, we can make an eternal bond between us.

On this blog, I want to show you if you’re traveling on your own, what you could live. Because I’m just a casual person like most of you, not a superhero.

The difference between us is that I’m with a backpack in an unknown continental.

If you want to see where I’m currently or any tips to survive in another countries, follow up my blog.

Now I gotta go. Because there are a lot of things that I have to explore. 🙂